We offer personalized Wellness, Ayurveda, Succss Lifestyle Coaching for women. Available in person or by distance with HERIZEN™ Life Adventures International Inc. Our highest Dreams and Aspirations have a higher rate of actualizing and achievement when accountability is present. We are the true Masters of our destiny. 

Our Wellness and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching Program will inspire and empower you with unique strategies for actualizing and achieving your prefered results. Gaining clarity of where you are now and where you would like to go, you and your coach will create a plan for actualizing and achieving a new success. Creating your ideal natural Well-Being and the lifestyle you always wanted with self confidence and self acceptance.

Each wellness and Ayurvedic life style program is designed specifically for you, utilizing proven strategies for transformational and accelerated results. Your coach is highly trained in guiding you to raise your expectations of what is possible so that you can Be, Do and Have it all.

Believe in Yourself - All things are Possible NOW!

 What are other women saying:

"Clarananda is such a special place. I was able to let go and allow nature to embrace me while I found my own rhythm again. Valma's depth and breadth of knowledge and insight provided many supports along the way - whether it was Ayurveda, just the right book, tips on food and lifestyle changes, movement, plain old straight talk, or inspiring some fun. She held a mirror so that I could choose awareness. By the end of my stay, I had more clarity. I felt lighter, healthier, more powerful, and even more beautiful. I look forward to returning. Until then, I am energized to make changes in my life back home. Changes that feel good to me and reflect a healthier way of thinking and being. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every woman could feel this way as they journey on their own path? Thank you!"  

Marla Hunter - Bellavia - Canada

"I have spent most of my life playing a little game called the "worst possible scenario". It was a way of expecting the worst and seeing if I could survive. 

I have only been working with Valma for a little over a month and although I am resisting, I find that I am saying positive, active things about my health, my relationships, my finances, my creativity and finding, like little gifts to open each day, that my life is changing.

Her attitudes and the information she provides are giving me tools to try things I have always dreamed of trying and taking steps, baby steps, towards releasing the unneeded old vocabulary and forming new dreams. With practice, I am making these new dreams my new life.

I wonder where I will be with her encouragement next week, next month, next year.

Time with Valma is the best gift to ME."

Lyndia Terre
Lyndia Terre Gallery, West Coast, Canada

"Thank you so much, Valma, sailing instructor & life coach of HERIZEN™ Life Adventures.  I was fortunate enough to meet you in the spring of  2006 when I first participated in a one-on-one sailing course with you to refresh my sailing skills & rebuild my self confidence. 

I had serious financial issues around the sale of my condo which was taking much longer than I anticipated. And emotional issues around the painful finalization of a caregiving relationship with my husband of many years who had suffered two serious strokes and was living in assisted care. These issues were very emotionally draining for me & made it very difficult for me to see my way clear to a future which involved my purchase of an offshore sailing vessel & the manifestation of a promising new relationship.

I was so mired in indecision, guilt & lack of self esteem that I reached out to my teachings from you as life coach. You so gently & specifically guided me to a more dedicated picture of what it was I desired. You reminded me to look at the whole picture without placing emphasis on how things would occur but rather to focus on my preference & let the universe take care of the details. I followed your advice and sent a "prayer" to the universe outlining my desires.

The next day cemented the sale on my condo! And steps were also begun in relinquishing & vanquishing guilt over a change in my guardianship role & transferring those details to other family members. A bright future opened concerning my sailing dreams & a special person with whom to share them.

Thank you, Valma, for what you have helped me achieve, I will be forever in your debt."

Love,  Robbi Antle - Calgary, Alberta

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